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Doungla Trade
Mr. Sadig Osman
Industrail Road
Khartoum, al-Khartum
Tel: 249 011 122453535
Fax: 011
Key Figures
Years in Business 38
Annual Revenue USD 100 - 500 Thousand
Employees 1 - 5
Company Profile
Doungla trade own a 5000 square foot building at the main trade center specialized in safety equipment and building tools and hardware and more.
Product(s) we Buy
[580410 ] Tulles and Other Net Fabrics, Not Including Woven, Knitted or Crocheted
[580421 ] Mechanically Made Lace of Man-made Fibres
[580429 ] Mechanically Made Lace of Other Textile Materials
[580430 ] Hand-made Lace
[580500 ] Hand-woven Tapestries, Needle-worked Tapestries
[580610 ] Pile Fabrics and Chenille Fabrics, of Narrow Woven Fabrics
[580620 ] Other Narrow Woven Fabrics, 5% or More of Elastomeric Yarn
[580631 ] Other Narrow Woven Fabrics of Cotton
[580632 ] Other Narrow Woven Fabrics of Man-made Fibres
[580639 ] Other Narrow Woven Fabrics of Other Textile Materials
[580640 ] Fabrics Consisting of Warp Assembled By Means of an Adhesive (Bolducs)
[580790 ] Other Labels, Badges of Textile Materials, Not Embroidered
[580710 ] Woven Labels, Badges and Similar Articles, Not Embroidered
[580810 ] Braids in the Piece
[580890 ] Ornamental Trimmings in the Piece; Tassels, Pompons and Similar Articles
[580900 ] Woven Fabrics of Metal Thread, of Metallized Yarn
[581099 ] Embroidery of Other Textile Materials, in the Piece, in the Strips
[581092 ] Embroidery of Man-made Fibres, in the Piece, in the Strips or in Motifs
[581091 ] Embroidery of Cotton, in the Piece, in the Strips or in Motifs
[581010 ] Embroidery Without Visible Ground, in the Piece, in Strips or in Motifs
[581100 ] Quilted Textile Products in the Piece, Other than Embroidery
Target Import Market(s)
North Africa
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